Great War Bibliography

Poilus Small

Poilu by Gaston Pierre 1917

The following is a list of books, not exclusive used as sources for the Great War sections of this blog.

Purnell – History of the Twentieth Century, Vol 2 (1969)

Originally published a a magazine serial in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Started them when they first came out and I was 9 years old. My interest in The Great War started then.

Leon van der Essen – The Invasion and the War in Belgium (1917)

Detailed account of the German invasion and occupation of Belgium. At the same time an informative primary source for many mainstream histories yet also a piece of Entente propaganda written while the country was still occupied.

Malcolm Brown – The Imperial War Museum Book of 1914 (2004)

Malcolm Brown – The Imperial War Museum Book of the Somme (1996)

Terrible titles, great books !

Lyn Macdonald – Somme (1983)

The Pity of War – Niall Fergusson (1998)

Brilliant and controversial essays about the Great War, especially its economics

Max Arthur – Last Post (2005)

Eye witness accounts with the last few British survivors

Robert Doughty – Pyrrhic Victory (2005)

French strategy and tactics in The Great War

Alexander Watson – Ring of Steel (2014)

Germany and Austria-Hungary in the Great War

Prior and Wilson – Passchendaele (1996)

Alastair Horne – Verdun : The Price of Glory (1962)

Probably the best english language account of Verdun

Norman Stone – The Eastern Front 1914 – 1917 (1975)

Russia v Germany and Austria Hungary in the Great War

Quintin Barry – The War in the North Sea (2016)

The Royal Navy and The Kaiserlich Marine in the North Sea

Edwyn E Gray – The U-Boat War 1914 – 1918 (1972)

The U-Boat war, told from the point of view of the U-Boat crews

Robert K Massie – Castles of Steel (2003)

The Great War at sea

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