American Civil War Bibliography

Books I have read on the ACW. If you are looking for a good book on the military history of the Civil War, try one these …

Shelby Foote – The Civil War, Vols – 1 – 3 (1958)

Bruce Catton – Ulysses Grant, Vols 1 & 2 (1960)

Philip Karcher – American Civil War Source Book (1992)

Glen Tucker – Chickamauga (1961)

GFR Henderson – Stonewall Jackson (1898)

John Dyer – The Gallant Hood (1950)

Don Congdon – Combat in the Civil War (1967)

Bruce Catton – The American Civil War, Vol 1 : The Coming Fury (1961)


Horace Porter – Campaigning with Grant (1897)

Eckenrode and Conrad – James Longstreet (1936)


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