The Citadel at Urbisaglia, Marche, Italy close to my mother’s birthplace

And a blind bull more headlong plunges down
Than a blind lamb; and very often cuts
Better and more a single sword than five.
If Luni thou regard, and Urbisaglia,
How they have passed away, and how are passing
Chiusi and Sinigaglia after them,
To hear how races waste themselves away
Will seem to thee no novel thing nor hard
Seeing that even cities have an end. 

Dante, Paradiso – canto XVI

Hi, I’m Savereo John, a 53 year old father of two young British / Italian / Nigerian children; although I live currently in the city of Bristol, UK – I hail originally from London. This blog is for my assorted writings on military and general history. I work from home and am accompanied most days by my two young children as I write, for instance, my American Civil War material.

The children temporarily take on the roles of the two sides as I write;  so my four year old son is the Union. Tall, well built, handsome, rugged, adored by women. Has recently mastered peeing standing up, but still gets some on his trousers. Regularly fights battles with his baby sister and looses.

The Confederates are represented by the form of his two year old sister. Prefers to walk with bare feet, screams at the top of her voice to annoy her brother, intrepid, naturally energetic, completely fearless, inclined to climb anything to any height,  descends the stairs by sliding down on her belly and picks up slugs from the garden. Regularly fights battles with her older brother and wins.

Comments are left on with most articles, but if you wish to communicate directly, please use savereo.john@gmail.com


Savereo John

Copyright ©2012 Savereo John

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